What are the rules of DominoQQ and why is it popular?

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DominoQQ is an Indonesian dominoes game that has become popular in online casinos over the last couple of years.

While many Asians know how to play the game, it is new to most westerners. As the game is fun and also a great game to gamble on, some westerners are already interested in playing.

Before they do, though, they need to be able to understand the rules of Judi Online DominoQQ.

How do you play DominoQQ? — The game is played with two sets of regular dominoes. The sets look just like any other domino set you have ever used, except that the blank tiles are not included in them.

What are the rules of DominoQQ? — The first rule is that, before the game even begins, each player must place a bet in the pot. During the first round, however, that bet is small and the same maximum amount per player.

Another rule is that, once gameplay begins, the game will start with one player and then will always move clockwise as every other player decides their play. At this point, players can bet again, as well as call or raise. If they have a poor hand, now is the time to fold.

The game always comes to an end after the first round if only one player has placed a bet in the pot. That player then takes all the money in the pot.

If several people bet, however, the game continues on into a second round with each player being dealt another tile. During this round, the betting system is less limited. This means players that have a high-ranking hand can then place higher bets.

At the end of the second and final round, each player is then mandated to show his cards to the entire table. There are various ranked hands each player can have, most of which are related to similar hands in poker.

The player with the highest ranked hand wins the pot.

Why is DominoQQ so popular? — The game has become very popular due to Indonesian online casinos concentrating on the game more than any other.

This has piqued the interest of other non-Indonesian players on these sites who have wanted to know what all the fuss is about. As they have watched the game being played, many have realized DominoQQ is not only similar to poker, but it is just as much fun as well.

The ranking system and the calculation of points or pips in DominoQQ, however, is easier to learn. That means those that find poker a little too complicated have gravitated towards DominoQQ instead.

Now that non-Indonesian sites are also beginning to add the game to their roster of casino-style games to gamble on, you can expect DominoQQ’s popularity to increase even further.

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