Food Stamps in Exchange of Gambling Money in Texas?

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In Texas recently, there is a report saying that poor families have exchanged their food stamps for cash. And the reason is for them to have the money to gamble. This is an alarming problem. In fact, food stamps can go as high as $15,000 a year for each family. Now, if it is simply going to be used for gambling, it can be very problematic. Someone has already been charged with felony for having food stamp cards.

How can this be avoided? First, it is important that people who are given food stamps are screened. It means that if they have any record of having gambling problems, it should be known and monitored. Also, it is imperative that for people who shouldn’t have access to food stamps should be charged.

Nowadays, there is a much bigger problem that you will have to consider if you want to solve this. You need to address the fact that there is a chance that someone is actually trading the food stamps because they are addicted to gambling. Nowadays, it is quite easy to gamble especially in Texas. Both online and land-based casinos can offer these options for anyone. Though it is a tricky problem, it is important that food stamps are still given to those needy families.

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